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Gravity is Always Your Dance Partner

"Love of one's country should be like love of one's spouse--a give-and-take criticism and affection. Although it is hoped one prefers one's spouse to other people... one does not prove that one loves one's wife by battering other women." -- Garry Willis, quoted by Barbara Kingsolver in her book High Tide in Tucson

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Version: 3.1
GC/IT>CS d(-) s-:+ a C++(+++)$ U>$ P+ L+ E W+++ !N o? K? w+(++++)$
O? M+(++)$ V? PS++ PE(-) Y+ !PGP !t !5 !X R !tv() b+(+++) DI !D
G+ e++ h(---) r+++() x+
(geek code last updated on 5/31/12)
80s music, academic religious studies, alice's restaurant, arlo guthrie, arthurian mythology, bells of the north, bellydance, bicycling, bike commute, blues brothers, books, borderlands, bordertown, charles de lint, computers, connie willis, contra dancing, dancing, daniel pinkwater, dar williams, depeche mode, diana wynne jones, donald westlake, dorothy sayers, emma bull, etymology, fairy tales, fandom, firefly, folklore, fool on the hill, geek code, german, germany, great big sea, greece, gurps, hair (the musical), healy mice, hebrew, herbalism, herbs, hoopdance, hooping, hula hoop, hybrid cars, hybrid-electric cars, jo walton, joan aiken, john m. ford, judaism, khazaria, kodt, languages, latin, leonard cohen, lewis carroll, libraries, linguistics, lois mcmaster bujold, martin's passage, minnesota, mondegreens, morris, morris dance, morris dancing, muppets, narbonic, new wave, newford, nintendo, npr, oxford english dictionary, paganism, pamela dean, polyamory, prius, public transportation, religion, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, renaissance music, robin mckinley, rocky horror picture show, role playing games, rome, running, samuel delany, saving energy, saving resources, sca, science fiction, scottish country dance, serenity, sluggy freelance, spider robinson, steven brust, sushi, tam lin, technopop, tempest, terpsichory, terry pratchett, the ethical slut, the tim malloys, they might be giants, thomas the rhymer, tim malloys, trombones, uhf, uptown-on-calhoun, waking life, warehouse 13, weird al, wicca