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Minnesota: it grows on you

This morning my coworker who grew up in Vietnam came in from an errand that had taken him outdoors, and said "It's pretty warm out there. I thought I'd need my jacket, but it was too hot." The temperature outside was just a few degrees above freezing.


Other weather-related things:

This week most of our high temperatures have been a few degrees above freezing (last week, on the other hand, was almost t-shirt weather).

I have a new winter coat! Like my old coat, it's red wool (a bright cheerful color for gray days). It's a little shorter than the old one, but still long--knee-length or so instead of mid-calf. This one has lots of buttons in a way that's probably supposed to look pseudo-military, which makes me think of British redcoats (with vague memories from elementary school history lessons about the American revolution). I like it despite its military leanings. Also I was very pleased to find it on sale for half off (which is why I could afford a new coat this month instead of sometime midwinter), and even more so when the cashier applied a store coupon for an extra $20 off. ($250 coat for $105! Hooray!)

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