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I'm trying to find a picture of a particular actress. This is made far more difficult by the fact that I don't know which one. She's white, at least occasionally blonde, and has appeared in major pictures within the last ten years or so. I was thinking it might have been Angelina Jolie, but after looking at her pictures on IMDB I don't think so anymore.

Would you please suggest names of some actresses that might fit these criteria? Any help will be appreciated!

(Why I'm searching: I recently read Jo Walton's (papersky's) The King's Peace, The Prize in the Game, and The King's Name. When one of the characters in Prize was introduced, I immediately got a mental image of a particular actress, and ever since that character has had that face for me. That's really unusual for me, and I want to know who it is! By the way, I really liked those books.)

Edit: I think my mental image may be a blend of mostly Angelina Jolie (as here) with some Uma Thurman (as here and here). But with real eyebrows. Thank you all for helping!

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