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I'm going to try having all comments at Dreamwidth. If nobody talks to me anymore, I may shift back to having them both places, but I'll give this a shot and hope you'll still comment when you have a comment to give.

So, in the interests of making it easy for you to talk to me, here's how a LiveJournal user can comment on a Dreamwidth entry using OpenID.

You already have an OpenID by virtue of having a LiveJournal account. To use it,
1. Click the link at the bottom of the LiveJournal post to go to the Dreamwidth post.
2. Looks a lot like LJ, doesn't it? Click to leave a comment.
3. In the "From" area, choose OpenID.
4. In the "Identity URL" field, put For example, if I were doing this I'd put .
4a. That "login?" box can be checked or not, it doesn't affect your ability to leave a comment. It's asking if you want to log in to Dreamwidth with your OpenID.
5. After you type in your comment, click Post and it will take you to LiveJournal to check that you're really that LJ user. If you're already logged in to LJ, you'll just have to click yes or no; if you're not logged in to LJ yet, you'll get a login screen and then you get to click yes or no.

If that doesn't make sense or you're running into difficulties but do want to comment, you can send me a private message through LJ and I'll try to help.

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