aedifica (aedifica) wrote,

This cold is strange. Yesterday I had the whole thing, runny nose, slight headache, occasional sneezes, etc, and sat on the couch most of the day reading. I didn't medicate myself at all until just before bed, when I put on some Vicks lotion and did the thing you shoot up your nose to clear congestion. (Some over the counter medicine, I think Afrin?) The Vicks lotion was fun, my chest was pleasantly burny from then til I fell asleep. I went to bed a little earlier than usual, but not as early as I'd planned to; I think I got about nine hours of sleep. This morning I'm a touch tired but no runny nose, just a touch of sore throat and a very occasional sneeze or cough, and perhaps a very slight headache. Maybe this is a superfast cold and I'll be all better by tonight! That'd be cool. :-)
Tags: health
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