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Indian food from the grocery store

(This post is for me, but you can look at it too if you want.)

Thoughts on various brands/dishes I've tried:

Kohinoor Rice & Curry - Yellow Dal with Peas Pulao

Patel's - Lentils in Cream Sauce (Dal Makhani)
Good with bread

Swad - Aloo Mutter
OK. Spicy, I want bread with it.

Patak's - Chicken Korma with rice
No! The flavor was OK, but the texture was icky.

Patel's - Lentil Curry
OK. Spicy, I want bread with it.

Kitchens of India - Mashed Vegetable Curry (10/1/08)
Never got a chance to eat it. Comes in bag like the others, but bag isn't microwaveable. I tried it anyway and ended up with a burnt spot on the microwave turntable.

Swad - Paneer Jalfrezi, or something like that--the one with bell peppers
It was fairly forgettable, but could make a nice change if I get tired of their other varieties. Wants bread.

Swad - Paneer Makhani
Very tasty! The flavor was better with Arnold's Brownberry bread than alone, though.

Swad - Channa Masala
I only ate one piece of bread with this, and didn't actually *need* it to cut the spice. This was just on the border of how much spice I want to tolerate. Also fairly tasty.
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