December 10th, 2016

Achillea millefolium

Collection of memorial posts for Abby/tamnonlinear

The memorial service was today. I found a really good flight/hotel/rental car deal, so I was able to go; I'm glad I could.

A few weeks ago I said I would put together a list of all the memorial posts I could find. Here is that list. If you know of other posts that should be included, please comment here and I'll add them. If you'd like a post of yours removed from this list, you can either comment here or send me a message through Dreamwidth or Livejournal, and I'll remove it. "Brownies of Doom" "There are no words, but I'll try to write anyway" (Sooj’s note is added at the bottom of the reblogged post) "not to be a cliche, but I am not resigned" "The Heart and the Bottle" (does not talk about Abby, but mentions her and is worth reading in times like this) "the teind to hell" (n.b. this is a Tam Lin reference) "Please don't go." "Hold me fast and fear me not" (this is also a Tam Lin reference) "Carterhaugh" (also a Tam Lin reference) "endings" "Know your raccoon status" "May her name be a blessing." "RIP Tamnonlinear" "i can't hold out forever, even walls fall down" "A Plea" "Give us back the love we don't deserve." (quotes something Abby wrote after one of her cats died—-if you don’t see it, click on “A story”) "Memorial gathering for tam_nonlinear" (many comments from people expressing that they will miss her) (the vast majority of the replies are supportive, but be aware there is one string of replies with a persistent troll) "I loved her, thorns and all." "Farewell, Abby."

Edited on 12/11 to add: There's a song by Carol Montag that came to mind a couple of times yesterday. Carol is a friend of a friend of my family, and did a house concert at their house when I was a teenager. The song is "Uncle John," and part of it goes "Uncle John I never knew you well, but you bring us all together." Some of us knew Abby better than others--I knew her well enough to miss her, but not as well as many people there--but she brought us all together yesterday.

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