November 6th, 2009

Summer 2010

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elisem makes lovely jewelry and is having a sale! Here is the sale post.

I can safely link to a couple of things that are already sold so you don't have to worry about falling in love with them and wanting to buy them, right? (Except wait, that's the whole point of linking to the sale. Hmm.) Anyway, here are a couple of the pieces I've bought from her in the past:

Patil and the Cloud Engine earrings
Something Old bracelet
Evensong Under Branches earrings

She also makes other things in very different styles from those, but those are some of the items I've liked so much I bought them. (There is also a whole category of other items I've liked so much I would have bought them if I had the money available but I didn't, but that's another story.)

Anyway, go look at lovely jewelry!

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