April 26th, 2009

Girl at computer

Local request

Does anybody local have a power adapter for a Mac G3 Powerbook I could borrow just long enough to test whether a laptop is functional?

I have a Pismo I rescued (it was going to be recycled). I've been replacing one thing and another to get it working again, and I'm ready to see whether it works. Frustratingly, this afternoon I discovered the power cord was packed separately from the computer itself when I moved, and the battery is out of charge so I can't even try turning the computer on to test it. If it works I'll probably eventually buy another power cord if I still can't find the one I had, but I don't want to spend the money if the laptop still won't work.

ETA: mhaithaca commented that it should be the same power adapter as any previous PowerBook G3, the pre-G4 iBook models, and probably also such earlier models as the PowerBook 1400 and 5300.

Double ETA: deaterrae has one I can use to test it. Hooray!