August 13th, 2008

Summer 2010

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I got a package in the mail today! Remember when I posted about Trika asking for my address, and I thought I might know what it was about but I wasn't sure? She sent me this super-cool hat! You can't quite make out the whole logo in this picture, but it says "Certified Geek Grrrl" on the front, and "Microsoft Certified" on the back. W00t! I emailed her to say thanks, and I sent her a link to this picture so she could see the hat being enjoyed. I'm thinking I'll wear it to work on Friday.


In also-techy news, this morning I discovered I seem to be superstitious about the number 404. I already knew it was a number I noticed (someone I know has office number 404, which I think is cool), but this morning I glanced at my odometer and noticed I was at mile 404 for this tank of gas and had a brief moment of apprehension that something was going to happen to my car because of it.