June 11th, 2008

Summer 2010

Local FYI: UMN Reuse Program Sale (with bikes!)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this program and I don't have any other information on it.

The U's Reuse Program is a very neat thing I just found out about. There's this warehouse full of stuff, from bookcases to chairs to computers to old cash registers to teapots to I don't know what all. I even saw one lonely ramen packet sitting there on the shelf!

From an email they sent out today:
Bike Sale - Our bike sale continues this week, but the price drops to $23.33 per bike, plus tax! We still have many decent models, as well as a few high-end bikes that need a little work. Beat the high cost of gas this summer with pedal power!

I checked out the bikes (the warehouse is open to university departments on Tues and Weds). Most of them looked rideable, though you might want a tuneup. Others were missing seats, wheels, or both. Adding a seat and a wheel would still probably run you a lot less than buying a new bike, though. So if gas prices are getting you thinking about other kinds of transportation, check it out!

Thing is, this place is only open to the public on Thursdays, from 8a-3p. Follow the link above for directions and a little more information.

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